Lakeview Capital

A family business helping family businesses.

what we do.

Targeted marketing and PR for investment funds.

We build awareness and drive action with the audiences you care about most.

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Real results from people who get it.


We’ve married direct financial experience with great writing, top-notch design and real media relationships to create a solution that delivers every time.

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Our services.

Deal sourcing? Recruiting? Activating your network? We link our marketing and PR services directly to your highest priorities as an organization.

Who we serve

Our experience in PR and PE have given us insight into the needs of firms both big and small. Please get in touch for a look at the work we’ve been able to accomplish for our clients.

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Who we reach

We pinpoint the people who need to know.

We focus exclusively on audiences that matter in the industries you care about. Our goal is to be a catalyst for winning you more deals, dollars and talent.

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